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Registering a IS or TS Test Site

As a best practice, you should test the code on your staging environment before deploying it on your production environment. Please follow the next steps to register your test environment.


Steps to Register IS Test Site on WOGAA

Step 1. Login to

Step 2. Navigate to an existing IS or TS Digital Service

  • Navigate to Manage > Manage Service

Step 3. Search and navigate to an existing Digital Service

  • Search for your Digital Service

  • Click on the name of the Digital Service of interest

(Click on the IS or TS Name of interest)

Step 4. Register Test Environment

  • Select the Test Environment tab
  • Select Register Test Environment to register your respective test environment's domain/URL

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 6 23 40 PM

Step 5. Enter your test environment URL

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