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Cordova Mobile Application Implementation Guide


Do not reshare this document with anyone unless they need to implement WOGAA tracking on their mobile applications.

Latest Version

The latest version of WOGAA Mobile Trackers is 2.1.2.


  1. Installation
  2. Implement codes for Cordova tracking
  3. Check Cordova implementation
  4. Verification of Cordova implementation


Cordova Tracker uses native iOS and Android Tracker underneath.

Step 1. Installation

Install via cordova cli

The steps to install are as follows:

cordova plugin add

Step 2. Implement codes for Cordova Tracking

Start Tracker

In your deviceready event add the start tracker





Track Screen View

In each of your screen, add the following code

window.plugins.wogaatracker.trackScreenView("Screen View Name");

Step 3. Check Cordova Implementation

Use tool to check if data is being received in your environment(s).


- Staging received events will take about 10 seconds to process. (Last 24 hours)

- Production received events will take about 1 day to process.

Step 4. Verification of Cordova Implementation

A verification email will be sent once we have successfully received data from your mobile application in production server.

It may take up to 7 working days for the verification. Please let us know if there is any issues with regards to this via

Reference Implementation