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Informational Service Common Questions

If your verification is not working after you have installed the Tracking Code and waited for more than 24 hours, there are a few reasons this could be happening. Below are the common issues and how to resolve them.

Please turn off any adblocker or whitelist the page from Adblocker

Some adblocker may hinder WOGAA's tracking, do disable the adblocker and re-try again.

The Tracking Code was added incorrectly

It might be the case that you're using the staging tracking code in your production environment/site or vice versa, as such no data/event is detected in the correct collector in our WOGAA backend server.

Solution: To find out if you've implemented the Tracking Code properly in the correct environment, refer to instructions for the test environment or production environment.

Additionally, you can use your browser developer tools (e.g. Chrome DevTools) to troubleshoot, right-click the page and select Inspect to see if there is/are any errors in the developer console.

No traffic to your Site

WOGAA verified tracking as being active if it detects at least one visit/event in the past hour. If your site hasn't had any visitors within the past hour(s),this could be due to low traffic to your site or perhaps your site's Content Security Policy(s) is blocking the WOGAA Tracking Code.

Solution: If you suspect that the latter might be the issue, you need to whitelist your site's CSP rules. Refer to the test environment or production environment for the CSP configurations.

Still unable to get your Tracking Code to work?

No worries, WOGAA Support Team can help! You can reach out to us at