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Implement and Verify Code


This document is a guide to implement and verify WOGAA event trigger codes on your site.


Do not reshare this document with anyone unless they need to implement WOGAA tracking on their websites.


This guide will take you through the steps to implement and verify event trigger code for Transactional Service in different environments.


For implementation of code in Test and Production environment,

Please ensure that you have done the following before you proceed

  1. Successfully implemented wogaa.js v2 code for Informational Service ( Implementation and Verify Guide for Informational Service )
  2. Collate Transactional Service's tracking ID ( How to get your tracking ID )
  3. Also, see the information on where to place the event trigger codes based on the types of Transactional Service design structure.


For code implementation of multiple transactional services, we recommend you to collate all the unique tracking ID for each service required.

Implement and Verify Event Code

Please ensure you have the tracking ID for the services you wish to implement event tracking code for. ( How to get your tracking ID )

There are 2 event trigger codes for you to use

  1. Event trigger code to start tracking the transactional services


  2. Event trigger code to end tracking the transactional services



The correct tracking ID should be passed to startTransactionalService and completeTransactionalService.

If the tracking ID passed to either of the event trigger code doesn't belong to your website, event trigger code will not work.


Transactional service belonging to Example Website (

Name of Transactional service Tracking ID
Creation of user example-1
Apply for approval example-2
When should I invoke startTransactionalService and completeTransactionalService?

window.wogaaCustom.startTransactionalService('example-1') should be invoked when the website user starts the transactional service Creation of user

window.wogaaCustom.completeTransactionalService('example-1') should be invoked when the website user completes the transactional service Creation of user

What argument should I pass to startTransactionalService and completeTransactionalService?
  • Invoking window.wogaaCustom.startTransactionalService('example-1') will work since the Example Webite has tracking ID example-1 tagged under it.
  • Invoking window.wogaaCustom.startTransactionalService('testing-1') will not work since the Example Webite doesn't have tracking ID testing-1 tagged under it.


Verify if your site is sending both events

We will need the Chrome extension Snowplow Chrome Extension to verify the base code

  1. Install Snowplow Chrome Extension
  2. On Chrome, navigate to the website with the base code installed.
  3. Right-click on the page and click Inspect
  4. Inside the Inspect console, click on the Snowplow Tab, image of snowplow tab in console
  5. Refresh the page where the base code is installed and see that Structured Event: transactionalService event is populated.

  6. Select on one of the Structured Event: transactionalService events as shown below:

    Staging Snowplow Event

    Staging Snowplow Event

    • Note:
      • Event action is either start or complete
      • Collector address for staging is
      • Collector address for production is
      • start event and complete event could be in different locations on your site. In this case, you may only see one event at a time. Navigate to the page where you installed code, and verify both events are triggered in their respective page.

Verify if Wogaa server is receiving both events

The verification of Transactional Service on the server side is done automatically, however to be considered as verified, both startTransactionalService and completeTransactionalService events must be captured by our backend server.

It may take up to 24 hours for the verification. Once verified, we send out an email notification to Officer In Charge (OIC) for the Transactional Service. Please let us know if there is any issues with regards to this via

Self service verification tool (staging only)

This tool allows you to verify if your implementation is working correctly in your test or staging environment by showing the past 7 days' transaction count. Please note it will not query the events from production server.

Please check if your test or staging setup is using the following script

<script src=""></script>

Then use this tool to check your transactional service events by either providing the domain of your test server or staging server, or providing the tracking_id of your transactional service. Please omit http:// or https:// when providing the domain

How to Get Your Tracking ID

  1. Login to
  2. View your respective transactional service under transactional services tab in "Manage Services"
  3. You will see the respective tracking ID in your transactional service details page as shown below

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 1 31 39 PM


The code snippets below are just some example on how to call startTransactionalService() and completeTransactionalService() functions by using your assigned Tracking Id. You don't necessarily have to follow the example below.

Onload-Event - Invoking startTransactionalService() and completeTransactionalService()

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

On-click Event - Invoking startTransactionalService() and completeTransactionalService()

<script src=""></script>
<!-- On-click event to start the transaction -->
<button onclick="window.wogaaCustom.startTransactionalService('<trackingId>')">Start Transaction</button>
<!-- On-click event to complete the transaction -->
<button onclick="window.wogaaCustom.completeTransactionalService('<trackingId>')">Submit Transaction</button>

In addition, some of the Transactional Service's designs of the system can have different ways at which the user starts and/or completes the transaction. For example:

  • Invoking onclick event for startTransactionalService() and onload event for completeTransactionalService()

If you have a button to indicate the start of the transaction, then you can put the startTransactionalService() on the onclick Event. For the complete transaction, if the user completes the transaction with a confirmation or "thank you" message page, then you need to add the completeTransactionalService on the onload Event at the page.

FAQs for TS Tracking Code Implementation & Verification

startTransactionalService() is called, but why do I not see any Snowplow events fired?

Assuming you have implemented and verified the Event trigger codes correctly, the startTransactionalService() will only send events on the first call in a session. This is to prevent multiple counts of start if user keeps refreshing the page.