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This implementation is meant for sites currently using their own Adobe Analytics solution or participating on our WOGAA SPARKS program.

Custom Tracking


Custom tracking provides users a way to define and collect additional data fields at a certain point of time that would otherwise not be tracked with the base trackers.

Some example custom tracking scenarios include:

  • Tracking specific button clicks
  • Tracking specific drop down fields selected
  • Custom rules (e.g. user has login to site)


For implementation of Custom tracking, Please ensure that you have successfully implemented WOGAA Base Code v2

Data Fields

There are 5 fields introduced to aid you in custom tracking:

Field Required Data Type Description
Category Yes String The name for the group of objects you want to track. (e.g. 'video')
Action Yes String A string that is used to define the user in action for the category of object. (e.g. 'play')
Label No String An optional string which identifies the specific object being actioned. (e.g. 'fall campaign')
Property No String An optional string describing the object or the action performed on it.
Value No Double An optional numeric data to quantify or further describe the user action. (e.g. 42)


For example, when tracking a custom event the specification for the trackEvent method (Javascript tracker) follows the pattern:



window.wogaaCustom.trackEvent("video", "play", "fall campaign", null, 42);
window.wogaaCustom.trackEvent("Videos", "Downloaded", "Gone With the Wind");
window.wogaaCustom.trackEvent("user", "login", "success");