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Informational Service Verification

Part 1 : Verification Using Snowplow Chrome Extension

This verification applies to both Test environment and Production Environment

Once you have implemented the tracking code correctly, you will need the Chrome extension Snowplow Chrome Extension to verify if your base code is working correctly.

  1. Install Snowplow Chrome Extension
  2. On Chrome, navigate to the website with the base code installed.
  3. Right-click on the page and click Inspect
  4. Inside the Inspect console, click on the Snowplow Tab,
  5. Refresh the page where the base code is installed, or navigate to a few tabs and see that Pageview event is populated.
  6. Select on one of the Pageview event and you should see the image below
    • Note that for Test environment:
      • APP name is wogaa<websitename>staging
      • Collector address is
    • Note that for Production:
      • APP name is wogaa<websitename>prod
      • Collector address is

Part 2: Verification of site's status on WOGAA

This verification only applies to Production environment. Note that Test environment data is not displayed on WOGAA site.

When you have added the WOGAA Tracking code to your site, it will usually take less than 24 hours for your site to be verified. The verification of your site will be done automatically, however to be considered as verified, our WOGAA backed server must be able to detect or capture any events sending over from your site - you can visit the page yourself to speed the process up.

1. Login to

2. Navigate to Manage > Manage Services

3. View the status of the site under Informational Services

Types of Statuses

  • Site - Pending Implementation and Verification Once WOGAA has detected any data/event that is sent from your site, the status of your registered site will be updated from "Pending Implementation and Verification" to "Requires Additional Information" or "Verified" state
  • Site - Requires Additional Information WOGAA has detected data/event that is sent from your site, however the Details of ICT System session is not completed yet. Once this information has been provided, the status wil be transited to "Verified".
  • Site - Verified As soon as it is verified, an email notification will be sent to the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of the Informational Service as a confirmation.

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